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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  January 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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coming up 6:00 two officers rushed to the hospital after a early morning crash. why she were already on their way to where -- to the hospital when the accident happened. how they're all doing this morning. >> and it's coming our way. snow is moving across the midwest. and it's headed right for us. sue will tell what you you need to know before you head out the door. >> the shadow of crisis passed and state of the union is strong [ applause and state of the union is strong [ applause ]. >> president owe boom amaking state of union address last night. what change our country has been through since he took office. accomplishments he's made and what the president hopes for the future. >> good day everybody. >> you know what i should do because bob kelly missing. good day, everybody, good day, everybody. >> you need to hear that to get your day started. >> i met joe. >> yeah. >> pkd a good week to leave us.
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>> i mean really with mess now another one on saturday. >> i didn't know what to do. i wear sweater when it's a snow day. it was not a snow day. >> it will be and changes will not affect morning commute it will make a mess of the evening commute. >> yeah so our job is is to warn you so you can prepare your day so we'll give you four out of ten even though nothing happening yet morning commute dry and accumulating snow for the afternoon and evening it's cloudy and chilly right now. bus stop buddy he's at least wearing waterproof jacket today. temperatures in the 20s. and it looks 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. winter weather advisory in effect for all counties you see highlighted there and in another twist different it looks like more snow will fall to the south of philadelphia then northern and western suburbs which often
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will get higher accumulations. couple inches for most of us by end of day. nothing in our area just yet. but we're watching western part of the state. west virginia and then eventually that storm stretches out to chicago. but it will -- all that energy is combining by end of day and making this area at the airport a mess. it's fine right now. 29. with a wind chill of 21. sunrise at 7:18 this morning and to plan out the rest of your day snow and/or wintry mix moves in any time after lunchtime. we expect high of 35 today which is why would could see mixing and two inches or so of slippery commute and that takes care of wintry wednesday here from the weather authority. now let's start with traffic. at the schuylkill eastbound approaching glad win still moving along lon fine but volume is picking up there also north
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philadelphia the accident where steve keely is this morning. lehigh avenue between 24 and 25 the investigation still continuing so that part of lehigh is still closed. your alternate is hunting street or somerset street. but they'll be a lot of backups in the area. and because of the accident investigation step bus route 54 will have to detour around that. it travels that part of lehigh avenue. expect delays if you take the route 54 bus this morning. alex. >> thank you. more on that accident you were talking about. five people including two police officers escape what looked like a horrific accident in north philly. >> yeah trying to lay this out for us what happened? >> well hopefully 24-year-old guy whose day started bad and got worse won't have anything else bad happen to him because he's robbed on hollywood street 3:00 in the morning shot three times in legs. two police officers get to him fast.
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then they try to rush him in back of police car standard in philly to the hospital and when two drivers in these two other cars you see lexus to left and then see camaro to right. now all spread out and smashed here at 25 and lehigh. neither has a license. they end up crashing into the police car with light and sirens on here on this corner. >> in a marked car light sirens, officers are traveling eastbound 2400 block lehigh when they come in contact a lexus traveling north on 25 street at lehigh. after colliding with lexus it causes police car to strike a chevy camaro traveling west in the 2500 block of lehigh avenue. so we have a three car hit. we're very very lucky due to
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the extreme damage to the police vehicle as well as other vehicles that the injuries are not more severe. everyone is in stable condition including the shooting victim who is really fortunate because she was in the police car that came into contact with two other vehicles that shooting victim although shot three times is in stable condition at temple hospital. >> police call is scoop and safe. we've talked about this before. it's standard practice they don't wait for mrapss and they've saved dozens if not hundreds of lives by scooping victims to backseat of police car and act as ambulance. coincidentally mike and alex two police cars were worst hurt. policeman driver with a bad cut and possible cop cushion and then that shooting victim who did not have any worse injuries
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as you heard scott small say that in this crash which is unbelievable when you look at the scene here. the backseat of the car favor than the front seat. the police officer miraculously complaininging of minor aches. long before the first snow flake falls today roads are dangerous even when roads can okay in the morning drive. >> what a wild scene thanks, 6:06 police are investigating what role alcohol or drugs may have played in deadly crash in philadelphia's holmesburg section. one car struck the steps of a building in the 7300 block of millner street. it happened just after 1:30 this morning police say the driver was speeding and trying to pass another car at the time. plea people were inside that crashed car. a passenger in the front seat died. the driver and the backseat passenger expected to be okay.
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but the driver is under arrest. and in center city police are looking for a man involved in a attempted robbery adds 7-eleven on art street. police say the man insinuated he had a weapon and nothing was taken before he got away. and president obama delivered a state of the union address last night steeped in democratic priorities last night at 9:00. >> his proposal included education and child health and president argued for new economic agenda he said had opportunity that included tax breaks for richest american to benefit the middle class. >> that's what middle class economics s the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot. everyone does their fair share. everyone plays by the same set of rules we don't just want
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everyone to share in america's success we want everyone to could be contribute to our success. >> president promised to use veto power to shut down gop efforts to dismantle signature accomplishments in gop response john write went after theel hadth care law any way. >> we'll also keep fighting to repeal and replace a healthcare law that's hurt so many heard working families and work to ceekt executive over reach we'll propose ideas that came owe cut wasteful spending and balance the budget with meaningful reforms not higher taxes like the president proposed with republican majoritys in senate and house it's unlikely president's proposals will become law. political analysts say the speech was about the president's cementing legacy and set ago
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agenda for democrats in 20 16 election. >> on to other news now this is horrific prime minister of japan facing tough choice this morning. why a rescue mission may not be possible if they decide to go it alone to get these two hoingt tams back. >> these are real police officers what you see officer call ger do we're proud of him and there's a chance see a real hero. >> real hero indeed after working overnight 12 hour shift this officer didn't think twice about jumping int
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get a free quote at >> it's 6:12. >> former business manager local iron workers 401 convicted on all charges against him. >> joseph dougherty was ause caused of taking part in strong arm tactics project against non-union contractors and rival unions. he was only person to go to trial in this case and nearly a dozen others have already pled guilty. he faces up to 110 years it in prison and dougherty will be sentenced in april. >> 6:12. taking two hostages held by terror group isis why japan may need rely on allies for help. >> sue is tracking waerling and
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we'll have snow later this afternoon and it
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>> we'll start with ultimate doppler. what's headed our way. here it s it's starting to take shape. clipper system kind of making a mess in west virginia and southwestern part of pennsylvania. snow stretches through cleveland, ohio and all the way back to chicago.
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but arrival time not for a while. and you see through 10:00 this morning we're getting clouds in advance of that snow. maybe a nrur dwri or two early. it is really not until after lunchtime we see storm moving in and this latest composite model shows it coming in western models 3 a.m. arriving in metro area just in time for the evening rush hour. so enough to make the evening commute slippery and maybe some sleet or freezing rain mixed in and rain mixed in further south by about 6:00 and then any accumulation will probably happen between 4 and 9 p.m.. after 10:00 we see the storm pull away southwest to northeast and it should not be troubling us any time after midnight. here's 4 a.m. thursday when we get together for fox 29 morning news tomorrow morning should be gone and that will be a memory. so we got 2 to 3" possilbe in most places that will get heaviest snow.
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roughly in this area it's colored darker and norm of that and south it will be less and northern and western suburbs we usually see higher accumulations. that will not be the case in this storm. there's winter weather advisory 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. that's in effect and temperatures right now they are cold. 9 degrees mount pocono and 29 philadelphia and 24 lancaster and mid 20s just about everywhere else. it feels a little colder than that. some of the wind chills in the teens this morning. keep that in mind dressing kids for the bus stop. and just when we're getting over today's storm we start anticipating nor'easter saturday. more at the tails on that coming up after we get this one out of the way. here the seven day forecast. today snowy afternoon wintry mix possible. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow and sunny skies friday and mess possible saturday with nor'easter drying out open sunday and another wintry mix possible monday. here we go.
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winter time is in full swing now. let's start off this report for traffic with 4:22 eastbound approaching route 29. we have accident. and you see traffic is already really heavy coming towards city there. vehicles on the shoulder of road. it's really slowing everybody down on that part 4 eastbound leave early if that's the road you take. i-95 cottman avenue traffic moving along fine. volume is picking up. go back to north philadelphia. lehigh avenue between 4 and 25 that accident investigation police involved accident that steve keely has been telling us about investigation is continuing and road is closed and alternates are huntingdon and somerset street and bus route 54 because of the accident will have a local detour because it travels along that part of lehigh avenue. finally in monroe in new jersey tuckahoe road near franklinville, williamstown road there's an accident involving a
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vehicle that plan to pole there. you'll be slowed down there as well. mike. >> thanks a lot. almost 6:19 on this wednesday morning and administrators and staff at bring ham and women's hospital in boston are mourning death of faimd cardiac surgeon. dr. michael david sop was shot yesterday when a gunman entererd a hospital 11:00 in the morning and asked specifically for that dr. and asked specifically for that dr. . police later foup the gunman dead of a self inflected wound and police state gunman was not a patient of the doctor and did not specify a motive for the shooting. why did he ask for him specifically. they're trying to investigate that now. in today search crews return to mansion fire in maryland annapolis maryland where this is they're looking for a family missing since monday when the fire broke in and out that mansion. family members say the home was last known location for missing
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family. it's unclear if alarm sounded in the 1,000 square foot home. they do believe that the bodies are in there. >> well the trial of james holmes continues in colorado. prosecutors say he killed twelve people and injured 70 others inside a movie theater in aurora colorado 2012. jury selection could take weeks maybe longer with unprecedented 7,000 people in the jury pool that number huge after dropping from original pool of 9,000. the 27-year-old pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity if convicted could face the death pepty. >> japanese leaders have a decision to make by two men held hostage by isis terrorists. japan prime minister is vowing to save hoingt tams and will do so without military which is
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only used forself defense. u.s. pledged to support japan and so father neither country has done anything about a possible rescue attempt. >> you should learn today whether four men held in paris will face charges in connection with deadly attacks there. france has been on high alert from attacks two weeks ago. 20 people were killed in those attacks. french govrmingt is expected to unveil new measures today aimed at helping to ward off future attacks. >> 6:21 a pair of united states warships are headed to red sea as tension unfolds amid a could seems like a could is happening in yemen now. shiite residents shield the residents of yemen leader and entererd nearby precedential palace yesterday. yemen president is important ally in this fight against al qaeda branch alaq in yemen. >> u.s. officials head to cuba today for what could be one of the most important negotiationss in years.
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>> representative from both countries will meet this morning in havana hoping to pay the way for new relationship and u.s. is hoping to restore diplomatic relations and in state of union last night he said there's no new hope for future in cuba. >> it was a fight fest on ice between flyers and penguins. but fly guys managed to beat pittsburgh in over time
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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>> flyers play clearly one of the most physical game of the surprise last night and game went to over time. let's go to the wells fargo center. a five minute job and game of misconduct and ep knocks tank out of the game. four fights between flyers and pittsburgh penguins nice one here with zach gill. so they go 2-2 in over time. flyers get two power plays. this is second of two. vorachek shoots but however the puck is laying around in fronts of the neck and giroux knocks it in captain wins 3-2 for flyers. >> i think that was not part of the plan to score like that but we stuck like it and lucky enough we had a second chance and they got another penalty. so we stuck with it and went to
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net and we're pretty happy to get the win. >> that's sport in a minute. i'm howard. >> thank you howard. well tonight in philadelphia comcast will honor shining stars annual award ceremony recognize tion five children affiliate with march of dimes. >> some of the favorite players for phillies, eagles, flyers are expected to attend the event tonight plus this. it's a snow day. that's why i have a sweater on kind of. two tracking we have pink, white, green moving our way west to northeast. sue is on this. you know some of the schools may let out early this afternoon. we'll keep track of that for you. >> and are you looking for a boyfriend but can't find the right guy. how to make everyone think you're in a relationship with your new invisible boyfriend. >> you have i
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>> new this morning started with a man shot in the road and ended with three car crash involving a police cruiser and how everyone is doing this morning after this accident. >> nasty wreck. and other big story of course the snow. it will be a snow day getting ready to hit during the afternoon rush. see it coming in from western part of the state right now. sue is on it. >> and the jury is out for former fox 29 sportscaster don tollefson son -- don tollefson
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just how long they were deliberating from the judge sent them home. >> good day, everyone. >> it's wednesday. >> what day is it? >> it's mike, mike, mike, mike, mike are you asking mike, mike, mike mike what di day it is. >> it's wednesday. >> january 21 2015. >> sue snow, sue? >> i don't want to say it now. >> now i know alex you were not here one year ago do you remember what you were doing mike. >> i was sitting with a sweater on watching the warm in the studio. >> we ended up january 21, 2014 13 1/2" of snow and luckily today's forecast is 2 to 3" at the most. so far this season we've only had little over inch an a half of snow. but i'll recall one year ago we all had involves out trying to deal with second snowest winter
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of all time. here's today's forecast. giving you a 4 out of 10. morning commute is fine. it's accumulating snow and possible wintry mix mixed in for evening that could give us all a problem later in the day. temperatures for this morning at the bus stop are cold for kids and nice and bundled up and waterproof jacket bus stop buddy today and nice warm hat. winter weather advisory all these counties highlighted in purple here under the advisory until 10:00. it does not start until 11 and we dongt expect snow to move in until after lunchtime. anywhere from 2 to 3" a little more or less depending where you live. looks like this storm northern and western suburbs lehigh valley poconos will not get brunt of it. looks like higher accumulation amounts will probably be south of city and south jersey and delaware. satellite and radar picturing nothing yet. but we're starting to see here
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far west of philadelphia precip sneaking in out of west virginia and snow falling as we go north ward towards cleveland ohio. >> 89 right now. feels like 21. 7:18 is sunrise time. it's camp out there now. breaking down rest of the day, snow or wintry mix and/or wintry mix moves in by lunchtime or shortly there after but we get to high of around 35 today. so with these temperatures a little above freezing that's why we could see rain or snow mixed in we expect several inches of accumulation. your sun seat time 5:07 that's a look at the forecast. bob kelly is on vacation this week. we'll see what traffic is doing now. we start with a problem 422 eastbound approaching route 29 accident there is slowing everybody down. now the accident itself is on the side of the road. you see flashing lights there. but everybody is crawling along route 422 eastbound leave early if that's the way you go also in
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monroe new jersey, tuckahoe road near franklinville williamstown road an accident where a car fell into a pole that will low you southern as well sue mike. >> it souped worse than it tallly was the crash in philadelphia involved two police officers and shooting victim and to two other drivers. >> folks at home have you see seep the company of the car? steve. >> it looks way worse than ended up in term of damage to the five people in three cars. and one officer just arriving told us this is now a crime scream simply because the other two drivers did not have driver's licenses so they should not have about open the road in of the first place and looks like after ma'am of time up on day tote araceway. two cars have stripes incidentally camaro in the distance in the dark you see racing stripes on hood crumb pled up and police car with blue stripes and lexus now smashed
6:34 am
blocking sidewalk at lehigh and 25. the tlees car with two officersed in and shooting vick them they picked up after robbed over on hollywood street. the lexus driver didn't hear the sights or lights or rare kas which hit the police car and then hit the camaro. >> while on route to temple hospital in marked car lights and sirens the officers are traveling eastbound in the 2500 block of eley high when they come in contact with a lexus traveling north on 5 street at lehigh after colliding with lexus and causing police car to strike a shevy camaro traveling west in the 2500 block of lehigh avenue so we have a three car hit we're very very lucky due to the extreme damage to the police
6:35 am
vehicle as well as other vehicles and that the injuries are not more severe. everyone is in stable condition including shooting victim who is really fortunate because he was in police car that came into contact with two other vehicles. and that shooting victim all think shot three times is in stable condition at temple hospital. >> while the worst hurt of all five not counting three gunshot wounds to two legs of shooting victim initially is driver of police car with bad cut and possible concussion. amazing that nobody got worse hurt than that or nobody killed. you can see right closest to us now an accident investigative division officers just arriving here. we can tell sue serio filling in for bob looks like lehigh avenue close aid while longer. they've had a tow truck waiting to tow one of the vehicles away
6:36 am
nothing moved since. since this is a crime scene they'll wait to make sure they have all the evidence before opening lehigh. >> thanks for that. 6:36. >> early this morning police are investigating what role drugs or alcohol played in a deadly crash in philadelphia holmesburg section. one car struck steps of building in the 7300 block of millner street it happened after 1:30 this morning police state driver was speeding and trying to pass another car at the time. three people were inside that crashed car. a passenger in the front seat died. and the driver and backseat passenger are expected to be okay. but that driver is under arrest. >> and in center city police are looking for a man involved in attempted robbery at a 7 lech on arch street. police say the man insinuated he had a weapon and nothing was taken before he got away. >> all right. jury will go back for its second day of deliberation this morning in that trial of former sportscaster don tollefson. >> let's go to jenny live in
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doylestown. >> allison mike, the jury was deliberating five hours yesterday afternoon they were dismiss the here from bucks county courthouse 9:30 last night and will be back here this morning at 9 a.m. to continue those deliberations and closing arguments in the case against sports broadcaster and former fox 29 employee don tollefson wrapped up yesterday afternoon and now the jury is tasked whether deciding if tollefson is guilty of defrauding people out of money they thought they were spending on sports dharty games and trips packages never came and victims claimed they never got money back. tollefson is accused of pocketing 300,000. last night the jury returned to the courtroom a couple times to ask specific questions. they wanted to know dates of eagles games and ask for transcripts for testimony. in some snaps the judge asked the jury to rely on recollection and in other cases allowed questions to be answered. last night shawnette wilson
6:38 am
asked how tollefson felt about the jury calling it anight. >> we have nothing to say on advice of council we wants to get rest and come back tomorrow morning i appreciate your understanding. >> i think there's a lot of evidence for the jury to sift through. the trial was 2 1/2 weeks long. and they're a hard working jury and no quarrel with them taking as long as it takes to get it right and i'm confident they'll do that. >> don tollefson son was initially ovd a plea deal and he accepted that and he later rejected it and decided he wanted to go to trial. now he could face decades behind bars. jury expected here 9 a.m. mike and alex. >> i'm just reading about it as well in the daily news today. appropriate headline i think fade to bleak. one of the attorneys i fawkd to yesterday said they think the jury will come back with quick verdict today you know. >> they were deliberating five hours yesterday.
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>> yes. >> all right. >> 6:38 delaware county council is scheduled to give update today on a program saving lives. officers have reportedly been able to reviv more tan a dozen overdose victims thanks to a drug called nurlxon when administered quickly it can overcome the aeffects of heroin. >> 6:39 septa will spread the word today about their new winter service plans for its regional rail riders this year why not. we're a month into winter. customer connection teams will be happeneding out pamphlets mostly to riders across rail section as co the city. a new service plan is trying to help people leave center city during a winter storm appropriately they may be in a winter storm when they're passing out pamphlets. >> veterans and family members are invited to job fare at form
quote quote quote
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dix. register on-line with u.s. chamber of commerce foundation. >> and as he promised president obama delivered state of the union address deep in democratic priorities last night. >> his proposal included of course education and childcare health. community college health. and argued for economic agendas and expanding opportunities for middle class. that included ending tax breaks for richest americans to benefit the middle class. >> middle class economics works. expanding opportunity works and these policies will continue to work as long as politics don't get in the way. >> but the president also promised to use his veto power to strike down the bop efforts to dismantle his vista come accomplishments and freshman senator joni ertz went after the
6:41 am
healthcare law. >> we'll also keep fighting to repeal and replace a healthcare law that has hurt owe so many hard working families. we'll work to correct executive over reach we'll propose ideas that aim to cut paste full spending and balance the budget. and not higher taxes like the president proposed. >> well with republican majoritys in both senate and house it's unlukely president's proposals will become law. >> political analysts say the speech was about the president cementing legacy and set ago agenda for democrats in 2014 election. >> i was reading yesterday about how many proposals brought up in state of the union become law. >> in the last one. >> i'm talking about presidents way back early 1900s the study went back. guess how many laws actually went into effect.
6:42 am
>> how many. >> percentage. >> what's the percentage. >> 43%. >> 43%. >> higher than i thought. >> me too. >> i thought it would be like 20. >> i read article only two things president obama mentioned last sfait of the union became law. >> only two. >> out of 18. >> hm. >> 6:42 hailed as a hero. after coming across in accident on 476 he got done with twelve hour night shift and how he helped a mother and child trapped if a car. >> was this the big sunday accident. >> yeah. >> we don't expect icy situation we had on sunday. but we could have a mess for your average and evening we'll talk all about the upcoming clipper system coming up. mike. >> thank you did you realize jennifer aniston is on this show today subie jen aniston is here. fox 29 good day is the hash tag we want to know your favoriteper
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>> we have an update on neshimany state park saturday chris o'connell william into the river so you recommendster at 9:30 right and jump into that river and at noon. >> freezing for a reason. >> freezing for -- get this, there's going to be a nor'easter at noon on saturday. >> perfect timing. >> perfect timing. >> wow. >> we got to talk to chris and steve about 8:00 they'll do it with them it's for a great cause special olympics we're trying to make money for special olympics. if you want to do mrupth in middle of nor east are or give us money go to >> sounds luke a plan i know we'll give money. >> by the way quinncy is with chris this morning down by the river in a van down by the river where they'll jump in to give you a preview of how it looks. the storm is not informed yet
6:47 am
but it looks like it's ready for a nor'easter saturday. rain or snow. either one a lot of. it oh boy. meanwhile, we heard some mount laurel animal hospital they say started and sweater could be any cuter and jay mansfield let us know philly schools have planned professional development day today half a day for them snow or no snow and great timing for that home early and. >> you just -- we have clipper coming and here it is there is some wintry precipitation some snow some wintry mix sneaking into the western part of the state our future cast shows that by 1:00 we're starting to see it sneak into our western suburbs and it's here right in the middle of the afternoon evening rush hour. 5:00 it's snowing and if you're south of us it may be wintry mix rain in southern delaware and by
6:48 am
8, 9:00 no accumulating snow happening and most of it south and east of new jersey and maybe new castle county delaware may end up with highest snowfall totals. over a foot of snow in philadelphia and even more to the north of us. and so put it all in perspective it just will be very slippery and you needed to take your time. winter weather advisory 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. when the storm is out of here. temperatures range from 9 in city to 29 point mount pocono and 28 trenton and 28 wilmington and wind chill some in the teens this morning. not a lot of wind just enough to make it feel colder, 1 in the city. there it is possibility of nor'easter moving in. there's noon on day. there it is. bulls eye. right spreading possible snow up into our area for the polar bear
6:49 am
plunge on saturday. oh unfortunate timing there. we have a lot of action in the 7 day forecast today saturday with nor'easter snow changing to rain probably and then a chance of snow on monday into tuesday all kind of stuff going on in that 7-day forecast. that's your weather authority outlook. let's look at traffic and we start off with route 1 northbound at route 413 and look at this backup here and there is accident and it is slowing everybody down northbound is on the right-hand side of your screen. and you can see the flashing lights from accident. it looks like everybody is being forced to move to the left there and to the left two lanes moving slowly because everybody has to merge around that accident. so again that's route 1 northbound at route 413. let's go back to 422 eastbound that's 422 into the city already crowded because this is time of day when volume picks up although the accident is on the shoulder now and traffic is
6:50 am
moving slosly. also on i 5 southbound past the walt whitman bridge packer avenue there are reports of accident. we'll get you more on that next time and 202 northbound between 430 and 401 a disabled vehicle has right lane blocked plenty of places slow going this morning. >> thank you sue 6:50 radnor police officers hailed at hero today. >> oscar gallagher witnessed an accident on blue route tractor-trailer jackknifed before his eyes. the officer jumped right in and start add signatureing accident victims. he ended up at a car where one man had lost his life. but the man's wife and son were alive and they needed help. >> the baby looks okay and i made a decision to cut the car seat free. >> we're proud of him his training kicked in and he did what he was supposed to do. >> wow that -- yeah i mean it
6:51 am
was -- he was right in the middle of. it superintendent says at a time when police officers are under the microscope in this country officer gallagher i'll get his first name eventually officer gallagher say hero. way to go. >> we like to see that. >> 6:51. blockbuster american in my opinioner is getting lots of buzz. >> attention is not so much on bradley cooper or siena miller who plays his wife. it's the on screen baby. >> yeah. >> a plastic baby look at it. >> seriously? >> this is a serious scene and two they caid thl fake baby in emotional interaction. the scene has been mocked by many. one twitter user wrote i don't get all the "american sniper" love but i do understand bradley cooper's nomination he to to hold that fake baby and not laugh. that's skill skill. according to he'llly wood reporter baby one had a fever and baby two no show they went
6:52 am
with mechanical baby. >> i mean seriously they could have gotten my baby which is a real baby. >> it's a quiet baby is the baby sleeping. >> it's fine. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> certain talking about the plastic baby. >> awkward. >> well, seriously. >> demonstration right? >> they spend millions of tlarz to make this movie and it's a great -- we're pretty darn good fill. >> reshoot the scene a real baby. >> do it another day. >> somebody has a baby somewhere. >> somebody has a baby. >> wait nine months until somebody on the crew has a baby goodness. >> it's such a serious scene sleaz crying and you look that baby. >> it's all over the internet. >> did you see the plastic baby in "american sniper"? >> movie tricks there. >> excuse me. >> all right. >> are you looking for a boyfriend.
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>> ew i don't know about all that. >> but you cannot meet the right guy? >> sure. >> there's a way to make everyone think you're in a relationship. yeah, we're talking about a new invisible boyfriend. >> who by the way have you heard from your dover police officer boyfriend. >> we're going to break. >> he got on twitter just to profess his love for you i'm not kidding. >> i don't think it's that. >> what's his las
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>> you could let us know where he is. anybody can find. >> we ran away. >> by the way. a lot of people are wondering the guy the police officer we had on yesterday contacted you because had why are you bringing this up again. >> there's an app for that. >> really? >> for 24 dollars and 99 cents there's an app for that. >> you can purchase the invisible boyfriend or girlfriend app. it comes with 100 text message that can be sent you to ten voicemails and one happened written note if that's not enough to show your friends you can get a picture from a real human yes the app launched yesterday and there's already takeers.
6:57 am
here's example of text hi ways think about you. >> lyndsey tweeted this exchange her invisible boy wrote that app i can't believe this speaking of fake. >> hold on a second. like we would be out at a restaurant or something and you would go oh my gill friend sent me this text look. >> and some think it's true. >> text you back love you too honey. >> this is when your friends won't leave awe loan about finding someone. >> you'll get. >> i've got somebody. >> $25. >> do you think that's a lot of money. >> no for a fake girlfriend i would pay that i would have paid that last night. >> oh, >> that's a different kind of april. >> are you tired of seeing those fake news stories popping up on your news feed. you think it's a real store ci and realize this is fake. facebook is taking steps to stop it. how they're making sure any news you see it real. >> and attracting winter storm
6:58 am
headed our way. it will be here today. hours from now. sue will tell you when it will hit and how it will affect your ♪.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ready or not snow is coming today. what you can expect to deal with during your ride home from work or school this afternoon.


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